Versatile and Professional Label Printing for Impressive Labels

The OKI Pro 1040 and OKI Pro 1050 are two very compact digital printing systems designed mainly for the production of stickers and labels in small and medium-sized editions.The very compact design allows the printing systems to operate in almost any environment, whether in the office or in a larger production environment. Printing is performed on roll material up to 130 mm wide. Both pre-cut labels, with and without grid feed, and plain paper can be used. A sensor for detecting a control mark or the space between two labels allows for accurate printing even on pre-cut labels. While the OKI Pro 1040 uses CMYK inks, the OKI Pro 1050 additionally offers white toner as a fifth printing color. Numerous options when using the white toner set almost no limits to your creativity

All materials to be printed digitally, from roll to roll, in very small and short runs, for labels, prints, individualization, personalization and other print products, for industry, trade and commerce.

Standard materials such as foil, paper, self-adhesive material and transparent materials in a media width of 30 mm to 130 mm, with a media thickness between 76μm and 250μm.
Many other special materials can be processed, but must be tested individually …

Color units can be switched off mechanically:
The fact that the color units can be switched off mechanically and individually means that there are no costs due to wear and tear if a color is not used. For example, C,M and Y can be completely switched off and printed with black toner only.
Easy replacement of toner and drum:
Toner and drum form one unit. Both components are replaced together, and for each color separately, cleanly and in no time at all. This ensures that you always print with optimum quality. The risk of poorly printed labels due to worn components is minimized.
Uncomplicated maintenance:
Wearing parts can be replaced and cleaned by the user himself. This minimizes service times, reduces costs and gets the printer back up and running in no time.
Compact design:
Thanks to their compact design, these printers can be installed in almost any environment. Even an unused desk in the office becomes a small production environment.
Rewind (optionally available):
With the optionally available rewinder, you can produce directly from roll to roll. Stickers printed on a prefabricated web can thus be applied immediately from the roll.

Technical specifications:

Modell / Type OKI Pro 1040 / OKI Pro 1050
Resolution 1.200 x 1.200 dpi, 600 x 600 dpi
Print image length 12,7 mm bis 1.320,8 mm
Print image width 25,4 mm bis 125,76 mm
minimum print margin Oben: 2,12 mm, Unten: 2,12 mm, Rechts: 2,12 mm, Links: 2,12 mm
Printing speed Max. 152,4 mm/s (6 Inch/Sek.)
Width Rollenpapier: 25,4 mm (1 Zoll) bis 130 mm (5,1 Zoll)
Thickness of material 0,076–0,250 mm
Roll Size Max. Ø 203,2 mm auf 76,2 mm (3 Zoll) Rollenkern
Dimensions (B x T x H) 1.040 x 477 x 441 mm
Interfaces USB 2.0 (High Speed) und 1000BASE-T/100BASE-TX/10BASE-T
Weigth 62 kg (Drucker mit Abroller)
Power supply 230 V ±10 %, 50/60 Hz ± 2 %
Leistungsaufnahme Max. 1.200 W

White toner (only OKI Pro 1050)

With the OKI Pro 1050, white toner is the fifth printing color available. So they can, for example, on transparent labels targeted effects, or even only selected areas with white background. Create metallic effects on silver print media and cover other areas with
White off. This is a decisive added value in the design possibilities of your stickers and labels.
If the fifth color is not needed, they simply switch it off mechanically. This saves resources and therefore costs.

Main unit – OKI Pro 1050 / Processing / Five color stations – OKI Pro 1050


Sheet Printing with a wide Variety of Options, including White Toner

The OKI Pro 9542 is designed specifically for OKI’s graphic arts needs. In this environment it impresses, thanks to its white toner with excellent color brilliance even with prints on colored media.

Whether simple office communication or banners at the point of sale, with the OKI Pro 9542 you put your products in the focus of your target group. But it doesn’t just master the simple poster. Special media, such as envelopes, metallic papers and foils, as well as special films for the easy creation of screen print films, are its strengths. It can also be used to print stand-up pouches for packaging a variety of goods, including food.

Thus, the OKI Pro 9542 not only finds its place in an office environment, but its robust construction also makes it suitable for use in production.
Optionally, the printer can be controlled with a ColorGate RIP. In addition to higher color accuracy, this gives you many other advantages in the output of your files, especially
output of your files, especially when it comes to producing samples and short runs of packaging and folding cartons.

All digital printing applications in short to medium runs, for communication and advertising, labels, customization, personalization and many other printed products, for office, industry, trade and commerce.

Standard materials such as foil, paper, self-adhesive material, envelopes, colored cardboard, transfer foils and transparent materials up to 360 g/m².
Exostencil Screen Prep paper for the uncomplicated, environmentally friendly and chemical-free production of screens for screen printing.
Formats from 64 x 89 mm up to 330 x 1,321 mm banner.
Many other, special materials can be processed, but must be tested individually …

OKI Pro 9542E

An optional feeder can be added to the OKI Pro 9542, making it the ideal OKI Pro 9542E envelope printing system.

The OKI Pro 9542E has a feeder, as well as a shingle delivery, which brings other options into play, such as printing doybags for production.
Even small obstacles, such as unwelcome zippers, can be easily disregarded.
The feeder and delivery not only speed up the work process but also optimize it.